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Star Review
Thank you Jimmy, Dominic and Bobby. You guys always help me with my car. It looks great, and the service was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Helen L.

Star Review
Hands Down, Sonny's Collision is a prime example of an outstanding and exceptional business. The staff at Sunny's Collision treats you with respect and diligent care that you deserve. They make being involved in an accident a very pleasant one. Just see for yourself! I have been to other collision establishments, but nothing that can compare to this place. THANKS GUYS for the BEST experience ever.
Rajib Das

Star Review
I must start off by saying that I typically don't take the time to write reviews....however, I'm still shocked with the quality of service rendered by Sonny's Collision and I want to make sure that you all know something.. "This place is the very best..!!!!" Being involved in a accident can be stressful and very scary, but I was lucky enough to have met Bobby at the right place and at the right time. The moment he approached me to give me his information, I knew this was the place to go, despite 4 other people giving me their card and offering help at the accident scene. Jimmy, Bobby, Thank you so much for the professionalism, the guidance, the positive attitude and your diligence. My car looks amazing Thanks to your hard work and dedication to what you do. I will pass along your name to my friends and family because I know that there's not another place out there that can provide such magnificent service.
Silvia Lara

Star Review
I had a horrible accident during the snow storm. The front of white gurl ( my car's nick name lol ) looked horrible. By recommendation I took her to Sonny's and was totally blown away. I have been cheated and treated like a ding bat by other auto places but NOT here. They are so professional and the work out standing. When I saw my car I was floored she looked better than before the accident it was like they pimped my ride. I'm never going to any other place and I'm telling every one I know. They went over every detail Until I totally understood. They were on top of the insurance company from beginning til the end. It's a place you must see to believe .... Me and white gurl thank you all
Miss Vanessa Chase

Star Review
I found Sonny's Collision after visiting several body shop specialists for a quote to repair a dent caused by ice in the drivers door of my 2014 Chevy Equinox. Initially i approached my local garage (K & E Auto Body & Collision Center) and you would think that as i've brought them business in the past 6 months repairing a full on front collision to my wife's 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe they would at least do me the courtesy of offering a competitive price for this job but that clearly wasn't the case. After shopping around for numerous quotes i found that my local garage (K & E) gave me the same if not identical price to everyone else ($900 + Tax). But to my surprise Sonny's Collision was the only repair shop which stood above the rest. I dealt directly with a gentlemen named Jimmy who was extremely welcoming, courteous with an excellent eye for detail. Jimmy instantly knew how the dent in my door was caused before i had an opportunity to explain how it happened, unlike the other repair shops including my local which were completely oblivious to the damage and were quicker to draft up a quote. Now I'm not going to brown nose Jimmy but he is a true representation of Sonny's Collision and how he dealt with my issue it separated him from his competitors. Jimmy went out of his way to save me money and these days its a common courtesy like that which brings a repeating customer ten-fold. Jimmy suggested a paint-less repair service as a first attempt to see if that would rectify the dent and if it failed we would take it from there. -Now the real question here is how comes Sonny's Collision were the ONLY repair shop to suggest such a repair? That alone is enough to me to justify why Sonny's Collision deserves to use the term "Specialists" as part of their company name. The repair to my vehicle was astonishing and done in a timely manner. And to add to that Jimmy didn't charge me a penny… I mean we even fought outside his store as he refused to take a tip for his generosity! Who does that?! I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to Sonny's Collision, the store and workshop looks impressive not to mention the staff are friendly, respectful, well organized and attentive to meet your needs and queries. I would like to thank Sonny's Collision again for the amazing job, my vehicle looks immaculate!!! I look forward to dealing with you guys in the future and referring new business…*fingers crossed I pray its not my vehicle that gets hit*
Frankie Boyd

Star Review
took awhile don't know why but 110% satisfied recommeded to all Thank You
claudio medina

Star Review
Great service and quality of work. Quick turn a round. MY car looked like it was a new car. Very pleased that I used their service and I would recommend them to my friends
Joseph Laine

Star Review
Sonny's Collision Specialists are the most professional collision body shop out there! They not only provided the outstanding service but they absolutely exceeded my expectations by far! I must say that I don't write reviews often, but because of Jimmy's, Dominic's & Bobby's exceptional team work, care, kindness, attention, professionalism, and quality of work I can not NOT write a review. For those readers, who like it short: don't look nowhere else, give your business to Sonny's and you won't be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised. For those readers who like details, here is my full story: Our Suzuki Forenza 2008 got into small accident and it was not our fault. One side was slightly bent and scratched. Police report was not done and therefore made things more complicated than they should have been. I tried getting hold of Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance for over 10 days after the accident with no result - extremely unresponsive. By collecting estimates from other body shops, we got in touch with Dominic at Sonny's Collision and he assured that the problem is going to be solved for our benefit. I only had to let him take care of it. At that point he made it sound too good and too easy, I didn't believe a word he was saying. So I decided to give them a chance and keep my eye close. Little I knew about quality service at Sonny’s! The whole process took about two weeks including getting insurance estimator evaluate the damage, getting damage cost approved by insurance and getting my car fixed. Every time I had a question about the status of my project or any concern I had, I would call Sonny’s. No matter who answered the phone the person on the other side was fully aware of my project like the back of his head! They not only answered my questions but also they handled everything. I didn’t have to do a thing! They even arranged my car rental & gave me a ride when needed. In addition every aspect was done precisely in accordance to their original promise, in very organized manner and extremely punctually. Time is very important for me because I am a working person. Finally when I got my car back it looked better than the way it was before accident! I was pleasantly surprised – besides fixed bent and flawlessly repainted parts, the car was detailed, washed and smelled great! I got small sample paint for future use! All kinds of Thoughtful marketing goodies were placed on passenger’s seat including metal coffee cup, $100 gift coin, auto-accident kit and a thank you letter from the team. I mean, what business gives such attention to their patrons other than high class hotels! I was overwhelmed! Sonny’s Collision Specialists - is not just getting your car fixed, it is most pleasant auto body shop experience! I wish I could do more business with these professionals! The only problem is that I don’t get into accidents very often. Therefore, this review is the only way for me to say thank you to Sonny’s team.
Birute Kubilius

Star Review
Awesome Customer Service, Exceptional Work... Sonny's can't be BEAT!!!
Joe Tortorelli

Star Review
They are the best thing to happen to car accidents. I live in Ronkonkoma and Sony's was almost an hours drive away without traffic and I will never go anywhere else. They took care of everything for me the minute I got there to the time my car was ready. Car accidents are a nightmare and they were able to turn it into a dream. They are truely magical. Thank you for everything and if I ever have another accident I will definitely go back to Sonny's.
Gracie Haigh

Star Review
I just had work done by these guys,and I can't believe how well the job came out, I hope I never need them again,but if I do,I will call them in an instant. Thanks guys, for great work
John M

Star Review
They need to have 10 stars! Sonny's Collision is OUTSTANDING and PROFESSIONAL from the moment I walked in. I dealt with Jimmy and Bobby, they are the nicest gentleman and a pleasure to work with! They kept me up to date with every aspect of what was happening with my car. Very quick turnaround! I have been to other places that don't even touch Sonny's! When I went to pick up my car. I felt as if it was brand new! I am one HAPPY customer! We need more establishments like this! This is Top notch! Thank you so much! I will happily recommend you!

Star Review
To Jimmy,Dominic,& Bobby thank you so much for the professionalism the The repairs to my vehicle was astonishing and done in a timely manner my car looks amazing for the second time.
Lashanda Jackson

Star Review
Omg.i can't even explain how pleasureful.. n excellent their customer service is.. I love their honesty n humbleness. Thanks to Jimmy, he took wonderful care of my mom's car and all her questions from the time we walk in the door til the job was Completely done. I love this collision place and will definitely recommend them .
Misty & fritzie Owens

Star Review
There's a personal touch here that is extraordinary. The quality of service is the best here. The have top-notch mechanics. Jimmy, Dominic, and Bobby work really hard to fix up that car like a new car. They work very well. The car always looks better than before your accident. It is remarkable that they repair damage to your vehicle that was not included in your insurance claim. Basically, they go over the whole car. Plus, and this is amazing, I come back periodically for scratch here or a buffing there, and they do it for free right then. I highly recommend that you do not risk being disappointed elsewhere and go to Sonny's Auto body.
Sherwin Kizner

Star Review
Thank you so much for the best customer service. And for the well done job done on my car, I'm so happy with my car.
Kathy Tang

Star Review

Star Review
Thank you Jimmy, Dominic,Frank and staff. You guys are the best awsome customer service. My car looks great ! sonny's is the best.
Carlos Medina


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